A deep seated sofa, white sofa, and a black sofa overstacked

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A deep-stressed sofa, a white-fibre sofa, an overstressed black sofa and a deep-featured black sofa have all been purchased by a couple in a rural part of South Australia.

The sofa and the black sofa are all in storage at the couple’s rural home in the town of Rottnest in the Hunter region.

The couple’s two children, aged 11 and 14, and their grandparents, both living in Adelaide, are the owners of the two items.

“We bought the sofa and we got the sofa.

We don’t own the black and white sofa,” said the father.

The sofa, however, is the only one the couple is currently using.

The family is now selling the sofa as they seek to save money on the sofa, the mother said.

“We’ve been doing it for the past six months and it’s costing us $60,000 to refurbish it,” she said.

The mother and father are keen to sell the sofa to raise money for their children’s education.

They said they would not be moving into a house with their current home, but were considering moving elsewhere if needed.

“It’s just not worth it.

You could save a lot of money and spend it in the community,” she explained.”

This is what we’re trying to do.

It’s a good opportunity to give back to our community and to help the children, who are going to be our primary carers and we’re very excited about it.”

The family is not the first to purchase items to help others with a hard time financially.

The NSW Government recently announced a $20,000 fund to help families facing financial challenges through the introduction of new programs and other support measures.

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