Why I am an anti-Semite

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A Palestinian man sits on the couch of his home with his son, who is wearing a skull cap, in a village in the occupied West Bank.

A Palestinian woman walks past an Israeli settler, who carries a sword, while a man stands on the back of a vehicle with an Israeli flag and a Palestinian flag.

A soldier, with his weapon drawn, stands behind a house with a Palestinian man and woman.

This is a house that the Israeli army has destroyed with bulldozers.

The home is located near the West Bank village of al-Aqsa, a strategic site that is under Israeli control.

This home is one of many homes destroyed by the Israeli occupation during Operation Protective Edge.

The Palestinian home is on the outskirts of the al-Jalazone settlement.

This Israeli settlement is home to hundreds of illegal Jewish settlers.

The homes are in a location that has been under the jurisdiction of the Israeli military since 1967, when the country’s founding was called the “Plan of Arab self-determination.”

A settler takes a photo with his rifle on his shoulder while the Israeli settlers are taking their position in a military jeep.

This photo was taken from a military vehicle.

The Israeli army also has a military presence in East Jerusalem, which is home the al-‘Aqs neighborhood.

This military jeer is used by the Israel Defense Forces to intimidate Palestinians and prevent them from protesting.

An Israeli settlar removes his shirt to reveal a skullcap, while another Israeli settlor takes a picture with a rifle.

This Palestinian woman is carrying a rifle on her shoulder while wearing a headscarf and wearing a kippah.

The image was taken during the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian village of Duma in the northern West Bank on August 4, 2017.

Israeli soldiers take position in front of a house destroyed during the Israel occupation of the West Wall, which was built on Palestinian land.

The house was built in 1993 to house the al Jazeera offices and was later demolished during the occupation.

Israeli army soldiers and police officers are seen standing in front a house in the Al-Aqs neighbourhood.

The area is under the control of the occupying Israeli army since 1967.

A photo of a Palestinian woman and her children is seen in a house as they sleep in the area.

The family of a child sleeping in a car in a street in East Ma’aleh Adumim, East Jerusalem.

A woman is seen sleeping in her car, which sits on a road near a large pile of rubble after Israeli forces demolished a house and damaged the main road connecting the city with the West.

The destruction of the house in Duma, West Jerusalem.

The woman, who was sleeping in the car, is seen lying on the ground, bleeding.

A child in the photo is seen crying, who had a head wound from an Israeli strike on his head.

The mother is seen on her knees in the background, while the children are covered with a blanket.

The picture was taken on August 7, 2017, when Israeli forces destroyed the house of a family living in the house.

A man and his children sleep on the floor of a home after Israeli bulldozers destroyed a house to prevent it from being used as a mosque.

A car is seen being destroyed in East Ramallah, the West Jerusalem district where Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem began.

Israeli forces destroy a house used as the headquarters of a terror group in East Bethlehem.

The residents of the neighborhood are seen sitting in a large area of the destroyed house as Israeli forces continue to clear the area of all traces of the terror group.

A large pile is seen after Israeli soldiers demolished a home and damaged its main road.

The demolished house in Bethlehem.

This image was posted to social media in August 2017, after Israeli settlers and settlers’ security forces had razed and damaged a house, killing two Palestinian men and injuring several others.

This picture was posted on social media on August 5, 2017 by a Palestinian family, who said they were attacked by Israeli soldiers during a raid on their house in East Silwan.

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in the West Gaza Strip.

Israeli police are seen removing Palestinians from a building, which has been damaged in the Israeli bombardment of the Strip.

A group of young Palestinian children plays in a damaged house in Gaza City after Israel’s army launched airstrikes in the coastal enclave.

A damaged building in Gaza, which Israeli soldiers have targeted for days, as it was hit by Israeli airstrikes.

This was posted in the evening of August 7th, 2017 after Israeli army destroyed a home in the Gaza Strip, killing a number of Palestinian residents.

The destroyed home was in Khan Younis.

Israeli troops are seen taking away an Israeli soldier who was in the home.

The soldier’s body is covered in a red T-shirt and military-style trousers.

A photograph of a settler holding a knife is seen.

The photo was published in the afternoon of August 8

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