4-bedroom house in Emerald Green, NSW, for sale for $10.9 million

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Posted September 30, 2019 16:00:24A home in Emerald Greens, in northern Sydney, is on the market for $8.9m.

The home, which has a total of five bedrooms, was listed on the Real Estate Council of New South Wales website in February.

It’s a one-bedroom detached house with four bedrooms, and features a living room with a private dining room and large living room and kitchen.

The property was previously owned by Mr Campbells wife, and they are expecting their first child in 2019.

It has been listed for sale by the council for $1.9million.

Property agents at Emerald Green listed the home in April.

“It’s the only home in the area that has a built-in shower and toilet,” Mr Campbell said.

“We also have a laundry room, kitchen, dining room, guest rooms, and a private backyard.

There’s also a garden and a small park nearby.”

The property has three bedrooms, a bath and a master bedroom.

The property is on land owned by the Campbells and the family live in the town of Rosebank, in the northern part of NSW.

It is close to the Sydney Opera House.

Mr Campbell said the house was currently “the perfect size” and the couple wanted to keep the size down to make the property more accessible.

“It needs a little bit of space for our children, as they are very small,” he said.

Mr Campbells said the family had been considering a move to Sydney.

“The Sydney Opera is close and we’ve been thinking about moving to Sydney for quite some time, but it’s a bit more expensive than going to Sydney,” he explained.

“There’s plenty of accommodation out there that would suit us very well.”

He said they were keen to keep their children close to home.

“I have three kids and we love to be close,” he told FourFourtwo.

A number of properties in Sydney are available for sale at this time, including a property at West Point Road in Sydney’s south-east, at 691 West Point Rd, and at the site of the former Royal Sydney Hospital.

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