How to get the perfect sofa for your Mario Bellini sofa

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A great sofa can be an ideal companion to a Mario Bellinis couch, according to the Italian designer who also designed some of the best beds.

In a new interview with Italian magazine Bunte, Mariano Bellini revealed how he got the perfect couch for his own Mario and Luigi couch, and the two designers also shared some behind-the-scenes details.

“I’m a big fan of the Mario and the Luigi couch,” Bellini said.

“I used to love them.

I loved that I could sit and watch movies on the couch with my kids.

I wanted a sofa that was so soft and cozy, so I went for a sofa with lots of cushions.”

The Mario and Bowser sofa, which has been available in different forms since 2009, has a cushioned back with a large, deep reclining arm.

It comes with a comfortable seat, and there is also a fold-down arm that can be used to sleep.

“The Mario sofa has an easy-to-move arm and a reclining seat, so it’s a great option for parents who want a good sofa,” said Bellini.

“A good sofa has to be comfortable, and Mario and I are a great family, so we are happy with the sofa.”

It has been the sofa of choice for the Belliniscas since they bought the house in 2009.

The duo also made the couch available in four different colours, from green to pink.

“We have a big collection of different sofa designs,” Bellinini said, adding that he and his wife “never stop working” on the designs.

“We’ve done a lot of research on our sofa, and we even researched the types of people who are comfortable with it.”

The sofa can also be customised to your tastes, with an array of sizes and fabrics, from soft pillows to plush cushions.

Bellini also says he was “surprised” by the popularity of the sofa after the design debuted.

“People liked it because it had a soft back and a deep recline arm, so you could sit in it without a blanket,” Belli said.

“But it’s very important to remember that there are many different ways to dress up your sofa, including a sofa of the same colour, with the same colours, with different fabrics.

I’m always thinking about that, so when people see me designing their sofa, they’re always happy.”

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