What you need to know about the Jackknife sofa

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A new sofa is on its way to you.

The Jackknife is a versatile sofa designed to be a versatile home, but the design is designed for the home owner.

The sofa is one of a number of new designs in this category, which is being launched this year to give designers a chance to try new designs and create a more versatile home.

The new sofa, which has been designed for home owners in the South, will be available in four colours: dark grey, light grey, navy blue and dark grey/light grey.

The design features a unique wedge-shaped panel on the back of the sofa.

The panel is shaped like a jackknife, a knife used in ancient Japan to cut wood.

The wedge-shape of the panel creates a different angle to the front of the design, which creates a more streamlined design.

The designs feature a built-in speaker to provide the sofa with soundproofing and sound insulation.

The rear panel is made of steel and features an integrated light source.

This is an extension of the existing light source which can be seen on the left-hand side of the light source and on the right-hand corner of the new light source in the picture below.

The LED light source is controlled by a remote control, and the sofa has a built in light bulb which can dim the lights in the room.

The shape of the back panel creates an angle to create a room that is slightly narrower than the standard length of the lounge.

The designers have also included a large window in the back that allows the owner to take advantage of the sun, wind or sun-screen for extra privacy.

The light source on the new sofa has an LED bulb, but it will not turn on.

The front panel has a door, but will not open.

The back panel has an angled window which allows the front and back of a sofa to be taken up with the same width of wall.

The bottom half of the frame has a glass door that opens into a living area that is open.

This area is divided into a lounge and a living room, which are separated by a curtain.

The lounge is split into two halves, which have a sliding window that opens to the lounge floor.

The two halves are separated with a curtain that allows a person to enter the lounge and leave the living room.

This room is also divided into two sections, which can have different shades of grey.

This living room is separated by an open window, which opens into an open kitchen area.

The living room can be divided into five sections, including a large lounge table with a kitchenette, a sofa, a wall-mounted TV and an island-style TV stand.

The bedroom section can have a dresser, a vanity and a bedroom mirror.

The island-like TV stand is a shelf that can be mounted to the wall.

This sofa is the most versatile design in this range, as it has two options for living room living.

The lounger option has a large island-shaped sofa with a sliding mirror in the corner.

This couch has a window that can open into a full-size living room that has a sofa and a wall mounted TV.

The door and wall mounted tv stand can be added to the sofa, and it has an island style stand for added privacy.

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