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When your laptop goes bad: How to prevent the virus that infects your computer and smartphone

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If you have been using your laptop or smartphone to read a lot of e-books, you’re probably already infected with the most common type of malware: Trojans.

These viruses take advantage of vulnerabilities in Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, and Microsoft PowerPoint, and then send out commands to steal information from your computer.

If you don’t have antivirus software installed on your computer, you’ll need to pay a fee to get your computer to check for suspicious software.

And if you haven’t upgraded to the latest version of Windows, you can lose control of your computer if you install a trojan that comes from an infected computer.

A new report from cybersecurity firm Trend Micro found that more than 5.2 million laptops were infected with Trojants, which include some that are no longer active.

Trend Micro estimates that more computers have been infected than were infected during the first 10 days of October, with an estimated 5.8 million PCs infected during that time.

Most of these malware infections are believed to be caused by the popular Microsoft Office Trojan, but others have been found to also infect Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other popular platforms.

The new report found that the infection rate has been steadily rising for years, and the number of infected computers is increasing at a faster rate.

“In the last few years, malware infections have increased across the board,” said Matthew Miller, an analyst at Trend Micro.

“You can expect that as more people are infected with malware, the number and severity of infections will increase.”

Miller said he’s seeing a sharp rise in new infections in October, as more PCs are infected by the Trojant than ever before.

According to Trend Micro, the average infection rate among PCs infected in October is around 20 percent.

The average infection for October is currently between 4 and 5 percent.

Miller said that the rate is on the rise for a variety of reasons.

First, it’s a big month for PC sales, with the holiday season hitting its peak.

“We expect sales to be down, but we expect the number to go up,” he said.

“Second, malware isn’t just a big problem in a month or two.

It’s a bigger problem in an entire year.”

Miller also pointed to the new “big” malware threats that have emerged.

“There’s a new batch of malware called ‘Trial by Fire,’ which has been in the wild for the past month or so,” he told me.

“This is an incredibly sophisticated piece of malware that is used to attack Windows computers.

It is the biggest malware attack in history, and it’s going to be a problem for Microsoft for quite some time.”

Miller says that the threat to Microsoft’s Windows is increasing.

The company has been working to make sure its operating system is up to date, but he said that Microsoft is starting to notice that the virus threat is escalating.

“As Microsoft gets more and more aware of the threat, we are getting calls from people that are trying to run Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, or the older versions,” he explained.

“So we’re seeing a big increase in the number, not only of infections, but of the sophistication of the attacks.”

Miller added that Microsoft has had to change its behavior in the past year, as it has been making Windows Vista and Windows 7 a bit more secure.

“When we were running XP, we did this: we would update the OS every six months or so, but not to every year,” Miller said.

Microsoft updated Windows 7 in December, but the malware threat to the operating system has increased since then.

Miller told me that Microsoft was working on new measures to stop the malware from spreading, including more security updates and patches, and increased protections against Trojanta, a new type of virus that’s been circulating in the Windows world for some time.

According the company’s security advisory, the newest update to Microsoft Windows is called Security Update 2016-0724, and will be deployed to Windows 7 on February 15, 2019.

“Windows is now safer than ever,” Miller told Ars.

“But we are still seeing the impact of the new Trojantic infection.”

It’s still unclear whether the Trojan infection is related to Microsoft Word’s infection rate or Trojana’s.

However, the new malware has been hitting more computers than before.

Miller says it’s likely that Microsoft and the companies behind Microsoft’s operating systems have been trying to limit the spread of the virus by making the Windows XP version more secure, and by making it easier to upgrade the operating systems.

However this week’s report shows that Microsoft continues to be cautious about how far it can push Windows.

Microsoft has only recently started deploying Windows 8 and Windows 10, but that doesn’t mean it’s stopping the spread.

Miller suggested that Microsoft may be looking at the threat of new Trojan infections to try and increase the risk of reinstalling Windows, or of trying to make

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