How to convert a curved sofa to a night bed

Posted by admin

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to convert an old curved sofa into a nightbed, and then a modern curved sofa.

The steps are: Determine which type of nightbed you want to convert to.

We’re using a curved table for this tutorial.

Create the frame.

We’ll create a curved frame with a door frame.

Cut the edges.

We cut out the sides, and the back edges, and trim them down to the exact width of the frame we want.

Create a drawer.

We will use the back of the sofa to create a drawer, so we’ll create one drawer and one drawer shelf.

Create an armoire.

To create a shelf, we will use an armature and a curtain.

Cut out a drawer shelf and create a wall shelf.

Drawer shelves can be made to fit together and be adjustable.

To draw a curtain, you can cut it in half and make the sides of the curtain a little smaller.

Create shelves for the door frame and drawer shelf.

We created shelves for each corner, so you can make shelves on the opposite corner to the ones you just created.

Create storage.

The drawer shelves and armature can be used for storage of things like clothes and toys, but also food and furniture.

Create some furniture.

To decorate the curved table, we used a fabric rug.

The door frame can be cut out to create furniture for a shelf.

To make a shelf out of a curved wall shelf, you’ll need to make the back corners of the shelf longer than the front corners.

To attach the shelf to the wall, you simply make a frame that connects to the back corner of the wall.

You can then attach the shelves and furniture to create your own home.

This tutorial was created using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

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