How to Make a Camel Leather Swivel Chair with a Kids Stool and Kids Chair cover

Posted by admin

With the holidays coming up, we thought it would be fun to create a couch for our 3-year-old kids to use as a sleeping platform.

We used a classic American design, the Couch Chair from the 1980s, and then modified it for our youngest toddler, who was not as interested in using the chair.

To make the couch, we started by cutting out a circular section of the couch and placing a section of fabric inside it.

Next, we cut the fabric into strips, then attached them to a piece of vinyl or plastic to make a seat.

Once the vinyl or plastics were glued together, we covered the fabric with a fabric mat and then glued it on top of the plastic to form a cushion.

After the cushion was glued on, we used a craft knife to cut a hole in the center of the backrest, which allowed us to attach a stretchy elastic strap to the back of the cushion.

We then cut a strip of fabric into a triangle shape, and tied a knot in the middle to hold the fabric together.

Then we cut a piece out of a piece that we could cut in half to create an extra backrest section.

Finally, we attached the straps to the end of the elastic and a small piece of fabric to the top of each end of each leg.

We finished the design by adding a bit of fabric on the back, and making a hole at the top to make it adjustable.

The chair is now complete, and it is ready for our 4-year old son, who has a disability.

I hope you enjoy this project and see it as an opportunity to show our family and friends that it is possible to design something unique to fit their needs and style.

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