Aussie woman claims sofa bunk she slept on cost $1,500

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A Sydney woman says she spent $1.4 million on a sofa bed she slept in while she was homeless.

Key points:A 24-year-old woman claims she was sleeping in a sofa and $1 million in furniture costco’s “room service” for six months in 2008The woman, who does not want to be named, was sleeping on a couch in an expensive home in Sydney’s south-west in 2008She says she was not given an allowance or credit card and that costco gave her a discount to use its “room services”When she first arrived in Sydney, the woman says costco was “not very nice” and she was told she could not use the toilet until she had paid her rent.

The woman says that costcos’ “roomservice” offered her a room service and she would stay for six weeks.

She says when she left she was charged $1 a night.

“They said they could not offer the room service because we did not have an allowance and we had no credit card, so I had to pay it off with cash,” she told 7.30.

The 24-yr-old, who did not want her name published, said she spent the first few weeks of her stay in the “room” sleeping on the floor in an “underground” bed.

She said she was allowed to use the bathroom at the hotel room service, but was told there was no “room credit” and had to go to a local toilet.

The “room-service” costco service has since been replaced by a “room rental” option that includes a bed, sofa and bedding.

Costco said in a statement it was sorry to hear the story but it had no plans to change its policy.

“The ‘room service’ at costco.com.au has always provided a safe, private and secure environment for Australians, with all expenses paid, to ensure they are provided for when they need it,” the company said.

“We recognise that the experience of homeless Australians and their families can be challenging, so we understand the challenges their families have to face.”

Costco did not say whether it offered the woman a refund.

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